Personalized, Chic & Modern Gift Boxes for Every Occasion by the Creative Mother-Daughter Team

We are NIMA Gifts - Nicole and Marina - a mother/daughter team that is passionate about designing and producing personalized gifts for women. Designing gift boxes for women (and a little for men) and the life's most important moments and every moment in between. With super passionate, chic and modern designs and extreme attention to the quality and every detail, we share our creations with you.
Our goal is to inspire women to be more, more happy, more appreciated, more beautiful, more outgoing, more everything, just more. To go after their goals, to be able to deal with different life events, happy events, sad events, huge events and little, from graduations, to engagements, to weddings, pregnancies, birthdays, for moms, for moms to be, for your best friend or for your daughter or sister. We are all about women, we want to inspire, to encourage, to help you celebrate life! 

Marina is a designer who creates non-stop; everyday is something new. Her designs are innovative, elegant, fun and super creative. She even uses her paintings as gift box designs. And as any good team, there has to be someone to manage all that creativity and streamline it into a business venture. That's where Nicole comes in. As our shop grew, so did our little team, we now have an amazing lady who helps make the gifts and make the some really cool products, another amazing lady who checks every single gift box to make sure it's how our buyers wanted it to be and the third amazing lady to make sure we all do it right. Of course, we also have the BIG BOSS, our accountant, who is the only one who can stop Marina's creative flow, just for a little bit. When we get super busy, everyone helps to pull and pack boxes and Marina gets help with the design of each box. We work as a team and each and everyone one of us loves making gifts.

We came up with the idea for our shop after Nicole has accepted a proposal from her now husband. Marina, designed everything! The bachelorette party gifts, decorations, bridesmaid proposal gifts, bridal party décor, gifts, invitations, you name it, everything we needed for the wedding. She also produced everything right in her design studio. The light bulb went off, and we spent the rest of 2019 and part of 2020 preparing to open our shop. Researching, organizing, designing products. Finally, by the end of September 2020, we were ready for business.

We add new gift boxes and gift baskets for women to the shops' line of products every few weeks and are super excited to have expanded our product line to personalized bridal, engagement and wedding gifts.

We look forward to seeing you in our shop and help you celebrate life!

Marina and Nicole

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