8 Ways to Show Your Love   

Do you know what makes your heart skip a beat? How about your spouse or significant other? 

People express love in different ways. Gary Chapman, the author of the book The Five Love Languages, tells us that there are, well, five general ways (love languages) in which people tend to best receive love. Here is a very brief overview of the 5 love languages.  

Words of Affirmation. Encourage and appreciate. 

Physical Touch. Hold hands, hug, etc. Use non-verbal body language to show love. 

Receiving Gifts. Put thought behind gifts. Add personalization. 

Quality Time. One on one time. Uninterrupted focus. 

Acts of Service. Offer to help. Do chores. Go out of your way to make things easier. 

Take a moment to consider what your partner’s love language is. For the health and success of your relationship, it is important to have this understanding. And, well, it is even more important to express your love in ways that will be fulfilling.  To get you started, we’ve put together a list of 8 ways to show your love. Ready? Let’s go.  

1. Be spontaneous. Life can get monotonous at times. So, a little bit of spontaneity sure can spice things up a bit. Plan a surprise date or give a just because gift. Use your imagination and come up with something fun, romantic, and totally unexpected.  

2. Do the chores. Nobody likes to be nagged. If the garbage needs to go out, just do it. If there are dishes in the sink, just do them. And, if you see your significant other cleaning while you are watching tv, pick up the remote, pause it, and go help. Remember, you are a team! 

3. Listen. Really listen. We get so caught up in our phones, laptops, tablets, the television, or even our own thoughts. And, we stop listening. We hear, but we aren’t listening. By showing that you are truly listening and care enough to give 100% of your attention to your significant other, you are showing love.  

4. Make it about them. It’s not all about you. Watch the shows your partner likes. Listen to the music he or she loves. Buy the peanut butter cookies instead of the chocolate chip. And, let her spend an hour in the tub even if it means you are going to be a few minutes late to your meeting.  

5. Get clean together. Or dirty. Speaking of baths, why not take a bath together? Or a shower. It’s intimate. It’s romantic. And both of you are sure to enjoy it.  

6. Give compliments. Point out strengths, not weaknesses. It doesn’t matter who you are – it feels so good to feel appreciated.  

7. Say I Love You. Actions indeed speak louder than words. But, sometimes we all need to hear those words. Say them. Well, if you mean it, of course. 

8. Put thought into your gifts. Anyone can run out and grab a box of chocolates, some flowers, or even a gift card. But, putting thought into gifts and adding personal touches is the perfect way to show just how much you love someone. After all, you have to really know someone before you can get them the perfect gift, right?    This Valentine’s Day – and every day – go above and beyond to let that special person in your life know just how much love and adoration you have to give.    Visit us on Etsy at NIMA Designs for some wonderful, personalized gifts.