Celebrate Someone Special Without Leaving Home

Life today is a bit different than it was, say, just 8 months ago. Thank you, coronavirus. Before our world was consumed by a pandemic, parties and holidays and other celebrations were a time when we got our loved ones together to celebrate. 

Now? Even saying the word crowd can cause people to cringe. 

So, does that mean we shouldn’t celebrate? Does COVID-19 get to dictate how we enjoy the milestones in our loved one’s lives, the accomplishments of our colleagues, or the new beginnings of our best friends? 

No way!

The coronavirus has already taken so much of our lives – and so much life – that we cannot continue allowing it to have the upper hand. 

Now, hold on a moment. I am not telling you that you should run out and gather up party decorations or send out an extensive invite list for a huge bash. Nor am I saying you should move forward with celebrations as we used to. So, then what am I saying? 

It’s this: There is a better way to celebrate and party and mark incredible achievements without ever having to leave your home! It doesn’t matter what the occasion or who the recipient is, there is a way to make it extra special while following the CDC’s social distancing guidelines. And, in turn, keeping everyone virus free. 

Let me slow down for a moment. There are ways you can wish someone a happy birthday or give them a virtual pat on the back, such as using platforms like Facebook or Instagram. But, everyone does this and the personal touch is greatly missing. And, sure, you could send a text, make a phone call, or even pick up a card from your local drug store and mail it. A little better than a social media post, I suppose, but still not the heartfelt wish that will make up for in-person celebrations, right? 

How about a personalized, handmade card, or a personalized gift box? 

That’s right – you can send your best friend, cousin, aunt, mother, co-worker, boss, niece, etc. (the list is endless) a gift that will personally have their name on it. Not only will it hit the nail on the head when it comes to showing sincerity during a special time, but it will also show you took the time to put thought into it. And that means a lot. 

New Baby – Welcoming a new baby into the family is a big deal. However, with the current COVID-19 climate, visiting that baby is not so do-able. Why not send a personalized handmade card to show your love, excitement, and warm wishes for the new baby? 

Bridal Showers – Some people are getting together to celebrate the love of two individuals. But, for the most part, weddings have been shaved down in size – and so have bridal showers. Stay home, stay safe, and show your support for the bride-to-be with a personalized, handmade card!

Christmas Cards – It won’t be long before people will be trying to figure out how to get together with loved ones to celebrate the holidays while keeping everyone safe. Whether you choose to celebrate in person or from afar, a handmade card is always the perfect touch.

Spa Gift Box – We all know someone who could unwind, don’t we? Maybe even ourselves! Next occasion to arise, surprise a special lady in your life with this personalized gift box. It’s full of all kinds of goodies for a spa day at home, including bath salts, a bath bomb, a soy candle, bath sponge, and so much more. All wrapped up in a personalized gift box

Whatever the occasion and whoever the recipient is, NIMA Designs has just the right handmade card or personalized gift to stand out the most – without ever having to leave your house!