The Power of Personalized Gift 

There are two kinds of gift-givers in the world – those who purchase a gift because it’s the thing to do and those who go above expectations. Anyone can stop at the store on the way to a birthday party and grab some low-effort gift or, better yet, a gift card. And, sure, there is a good chance that the recipient will appreciate the gift. Not much time, not much effort, but the gift duty has been fulfilled. Check it off your to-do list.  

Now, pause for a moment and consider this - What if you could give someone a gift that lets them know you put thought, time, and effort into it? What if your gift is unlike any other gift they receive? What if your gift speaks to the heart? What if your gift goes above and beyond the call of duty?  

That, my friend, is the power of a personalized gift. 

Receiving a personalized gift is meaningful and sincere - and it lets us know that someone cared enough to get the right gift.   

  So, what does a personalized gift look like? Well, it depends on the recipient, of course! Check out these most-talked-about personalized gift boxes.  

🎁 The Occasion? Your friend’s birthday 

The Personalized Gift: A personalized gift box with a wine tumbler (or mug), a soy candle, hair tie, soap, leather magnifying mirror, bamboo charcoal bar soup, and more! With personalization of your choice done throughout the box, your bestie is sure to feel special, pampered, and loved.  

🎁 The Occasion? Christmas (Don’t forget - it’s right around the corner!) 

The Personalized Gift: This personalized gift box is great for those women in your life who deserve an extra special gift this Christmas. You know, those who go out of their way all year long. Consider it an option for teachers, neighbors, caretakers - and friends and family, too.  

First of all, the box itself is beaming with the holiday spirit – and it is personalized with the recipient’s name, too. Inside, you will find a personalized Christmas card, heart-shaped vanilla candle, lip balm, body lotion with Argan oil, bath salts, activated charcoal bath bar, and more. Holiday stress can be heavy, but this gift is sure to offer the rejuvenation needed to enter the new year on top! 

🎁 The Occasion? Thinking of you 

The Personalized Gift: Everyone loves to receive a good surprise in the mail. Whether it is someone who has been struggling through some hard times, someone who could use a bit of encouragement, or just someone  you’d like to be a ray of light to, a personalized gift box is the perfect place to start.  

Imagine the smile you could put on her face as she opens the box to see the words, “Thinking of you” and her name on the front of a beautiful box. She’d instantly be lifted up. What’s more, though, is that the box is filled with all sorts of goodness, including a personalized card and mug, a pocket mirror, moisturizing lotion, a bath bomb, soy candle, lip balm, and so much more. I don’t know about you, but if there is anything to lift my spirits it’s a spa day! Why not give your loved one a spa day at home with a personalized gift box?    

These personalized gift boxes are incredible. And, they are sure to put you in the Stellar Gift-Giver status. So, the next time you are looking for a gift or a greeting card to brighten someone’s day, look no further than NIMA Designs where gifts are personally created just for you.  Visit our Etsy shop!