Choosing the Right Gifts: What Your Color Selection Means

Is there a certain color that catches your eye? Do you tend to be drawn towards items of a specific color or color scheme? There’s a good chance you do. Why? Because colors have meanings and they have symbolic significance.  

Whether you are aware of it or not, being pulled towards your favorite color may tell an interesting story about you. For instance, did you know that green symbolizes balance and growth? Or that magenta boasts harmony?  

If colors are so important, then shouldn’t they be taken into consideration when you are purchasing gifts? After all, a personal gift should reflect the person. Think about it - you’d like to get your best friend a piece of wall art for her new office. Do you buy her the one you like or something she would like? That’s right – you take into account her personality and tastes, right?   

  Let’s take a look at the meanings of some of the most popular colors. That way, when it comes time for you to shop for gifts, you have a deeper understanding of your gift choice.  

White: This color is most associated with purity and innocence. It’s clean and whole – and perfect for new beginnings.    

Black: Black is dominant, authoritative, and sophisticated. It is also very elegant.    

Blue: Often represents spirituality, tranquility, and serenity. It brings peace, rest, and passivity.    

Green: is a healing color, often representing growth, balance, and abundance. Of course, it is also known to be rejuvenating and relaxing both mentally and physically.    

Red: This is the passion color, full of zest, love, and energy. It is both dangerous and exciting – and always bold.   

Orange: Your friend who loves orange is your fun friend. This outgoing color symbolizes vibrance, cheer, and optimism.   

Yellow: Yellow, too, is a bright, joyful, and cheerful color. It is not only stimulating but is also associated with wisdom and logic.    

Gold: This color is associated with quality and success. It is luxurious and powerful, too. Gold symbolizes achievement and affluence, as well as extravagance.   

Purple: Creativity, passion, and imagination are often synonymous with the color purple. Sensitivity, royalty, and theater are, too.    

Pink: Pink is feminine, loving, and romantic. This color has long been a symbol of tenderness, sweetness, and empathy.     

Silver: When it comes to sleek and organized, silver is your color. It is associated with respect, glamour, and illumination.   

When choosing gifts for your loved one, whether for a birthday, Christmas, or other celebration, take into consideration your color choice. Remember - we all view the world through different colored lenses. It is important to keep this in mind so that you can select the perfect gift!